This is how to make your photos of food look 10x better

September 7, 2017

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Taking a great photo of your avocado toast in a crowded restaurant is like taking a bikini pic. Its embarrassing, posing on the beach like Tyra Banks/ David Brent, surrounded by judgy tourists, but you’ve got to get the right angle and the best lighting otherwise you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Like your bod, your kale smoothie/ rainbow bagel deserves better than a fuzzy, over exposed pic. Follow these tips to become an expert food photographer/ most annoying person in the restaurant.  


Compose the food

Think like a food stylist. Reposition the parsley, take a bite out of the toastie- get artsy.


From above

Otherwise known as the top down method, pick the most stuffy, high end restaurant and kneel on the chair to get your plate from above. You might get yapped at in French, but who cares? It’s going to look banging on your Instagram.



Food always looks better in natural light so try and nab a table near the window. If you’re out at night, don’t use flash. Your food will look really greasy and over exposed. Summon some waiters and get them to turn on their iPhone flashlights to brighten the general area and then snap a pic. Your food will look #glowy.


Use a professional camera

Don’t be afraid to use a DSLR, it will make your food look brighter and sharper. Alternatively, you could just use VSCO cam to get that Instagram food blogger look.


Take your time

You’re never going to see the couple beside you again so take a couple of deep breaths, drink some flaxseed juice and take as long as you need. Position yourself, get the right angle and take your sweet time.


Follow the greats

If all else fails, look to @spoonforkbacon or @ks_ate_here for inspo.


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