How to Become a YouTuber

September 29, 2017

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Being a YouTuber is one of the best millennial-friendly jobs. You get to spend 30% of your time making videos and the other 70% j chilling. It’s also the most achievable way of becoming famous. You don’t need to be able to groove like Beyonce or thrust like Miley Cyrus, you just need a camera.

There’s a distinct difference between the post-the-odd-video-for-my-three-subscribers YouTuber and the chilling-with-my-mate-Obama YouTuber. Here’s how to become the latter.


Think outside the “Tube” (lol). Make your videos jazzy and different. There is a complete over saturation of make up gurus and daily vloggers on YouTube, so to stand out you need to give viewers something they haven’t seen before. Go crazy.


Consistency is so important. Viewers are more likely to click that magical “subscribe” button if they know that every Tuesday, without fail, they can watch you blabber about what trends you’re lovin. Be like that guy you met at a dodgy club in Brixton who Snapchats you every morning with a “hey *triple winking face*”. Yeah, he can’t take a hint, but damn he’s consistent.

It’s all about them

Repeat after me: “It’s not about me, it’s about them”. Your community is everything. You need to build brand loyalty by creating targeted content for your subscribers. Film Q & A videos. Respond to their comments. Create videos specifically for their interests. Give them shoutouts.


You don’t need a really expensive DSLR or big studio lights to get that #glowy look. You can nab this cheap vlogging camera for just under £200. iPhone cameras are also pretty good, just make sure you’re filming outside.

Grow you brand off of YouTube

Use Instagram and Twitter to build your brand. Don’t forget to link to your YouTube channel in your bio!

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