5 tips for taking great outfit pics

October 21, 2017

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First things first, you’ll need to bribe a friend to take the photos. No matter how tight you guys are, no-one is going to volunteer their time and pride to take photo after photo of you in the middle of a crowded street whilst you get your Bella Hadid vibes on.


Lighting is so important. Always shoot outside to get natural light. When taking the photo, make sure the sun is shining on you (so you don’t have your back to it), giving you #glowly Grecian Goddess vibes.

can't even hide how tired i am anymore lol 🤙☕️ wearing this @breelayneofficial dress helps tho ❤️📸 @theagg

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It looks cool if the colors of the outfit either completely contrast or complement. For colored walls head to Camden or Notting Hill. Make sure the background isn’t too distracting. You should think the same way as those brides who who make their bridesmaids wear bland dresses so that they standout. Opt for a simple background so that you and your fresh crepes can be the main attraction.

It's sweater weather in Antwerp! http://liketk.it/2t7nP #liketkit

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Posing in the middle of the street is super awkward so I would recommend having something to do with your hands. Just grab some flowers or a cup of coffee and try to look au natural.


Wearing sunglasses means that you can utilize all your good shots. You can pose without having to worry if your eyes are open/ give all the side eye you want.

Levels and angles

Get your friend to experiment with levels and angles. Make them get low; it will make your legs look super long.

It's all about a green bag ✔️ @coccinelleofficial #coccinelle #ambrine #ad

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